Project: Deadspace 3     Studio: Visceral Studio     Client: EA     Position: Senior Environment Artist     Platform: Console

Project: SWAT     Studio: Mad Doc Software     Client: Universal Vivendi       Position: Senior Weapon Artist     Platform: PC

Project: The Agency     Studio: Sony Online Entertainment     Client: Sony      Position: Lead Vehicle Artist     Platform: PC

Project: DC Universe Online     Studio: Sony Online Entertainment     Client: Sony      Position: Senior Environment Artist     Platform: PC

Project: Lexica     Studio: Schell Games     Client: Amplify     Position: Advanced Artist     Platform: Mobile Tablet
Lexica was a mobile game designed for Amplify to promote reading for grade school aged children. I worked with a developer to create an entertaining and challenging map level that hit all the narrative moments of the game. As the environment lead, it was up to me to create the flow and look of the maps.

Project: I Expect You to Die     Studio: Schell Games     Client: Occulus     Position: Advanced Artist     Platform: Virtual Reality (VR)

Project: Domino World     Studio: Schell Games     Client: Google     Position: Lead Artist/Animator     Platform: Augmented Reality (AR)
Domino World was an augmented reality game for Google to showcase their Tango AR tech. I was tasked to create all the 3D game elements and animation
as well as the look and feel of the game. I was inspired by tin toys to use in domino set ups that would be visually entertaining.

Project: MechWarrior Clix     Studio: WizKids Games     Position: Senior Digital Sculptor     Platform: Table Top Figures

Project: Race Day     Studio: WizKids Games     Position: Senior Artist     Platform: Table Top

Project: Backyard Skateboard     Studio: Atari Humongous     Position: Character Tech Lead     Platform: PC

Project: Secret     Studio: Good Science     Client: Microsoft      Position: Senior Artist     Platform: PC