Young-David Choi – Art Outsource Manager

Professional Summary
I’m a veteran game artist with years of experience in design, education, and 3D content creation. I’m a highly intuitive problem solver and critical thinker.
My experience has taught me to see through to the end result, predict where the challenges might be, then reverse engineer the steps to get the job done. I have worked for a wide spectrum of studio cultures, team dynamics and personalities, and thus given me some good insight about the hidden challenges of a group effort toward a common goal. You would want me on your team because I’m easy to work with, have strengths in multiple digital mediums, have a vast amount
of experience, and most importantly, I’m a good storyteller. In fact, of all my abilities, I believe that being a good storyteller is at the heart of who I am and how
I create.

Note: Due to the overall length of my experience it was necessary to edit out lesser places of employment, which will explain the gaps in the timeline.

Starbreeze Studios - Stockholm, Sweden - 4/2018 - Present
Art Producer Outsource Manager - Unannounced Triple A Game
I manage a team of art producers and the pre-production breakdown of levels and environment assets. I am responsible for making sure the work order breakdowns are well organized and communicated well. I interact with the Lead Artist and the Art Director to coordinate with them as to what is needed for the game.


Keywords International, Inc - 11/2016 - 3/2018
Senior Environment OutSource Manager - Kingdom Hearts 3
The Seattle studio works remotely with our two studios in India. Internally, my title is called Final Reviewer. Responsibilities includes part art director, quality control inspector, and production manager.


Sperasoft (Russia) - 6/2016 - 9/2016
Lead Environment Artist – Rainbow Six
As a lead, I supervised a team of six 3D Artist and was responsible for monitoring the progress of props and objects. A part of this monitoring required that I art direct the 3D Artists on a daily basis and tracked the work in JIRA. Unfortunately, due to health reasons related to living in Russia, I had to leave.


Schell Games - 12/2014 – 6/2016
Art Lead - Domino World  (Google AR)This was a project for Google’s Tango augmented reality tech for Lenovo’s phone. The original idea was created by Henry Braun and he and I were tasked to come up with a slice prototype to demonstrate this AR tech. I was the sole 3D artist and animator and pseudo designer with Henry.

Advanced World Builder - I Expect You to Die  (Oculus Rift VR)
This project was an interactive escape puzzle. I was an Environment Artist responsible for creating assets and the world for the “window washing” level as well as assets for the “hunting lodge” and the “office”. The team worked tightly with each other and the levels were designed and developed with everyone’s ideas and inputs.

Advanced World Builder – The World of Lexica
Lexica is a tablet game owned by Amplify, created by Schell games, designed to promote reading among junior grade level students. As an environment artist, it is my responsibility to work closely with a designer to create a highly visual imaginative environment that supports the narrative of the game.


Virtual Reality (VR) Development - Jetstream Software - 11/2012 – 10/2016
VR Contract Developer – Character Artist/Animator
For Jetstream, I was contracted to design, build, and animate characters for a couple of Occulus VR project. 


Microsoft Good Science  (Through MAQ, llc) - 6/2013 – 7/2013
Senior 3D Artist – (High Security Project)
I was responsible for creating a low poly version of a large area of a specific West Coast city. The contract was short because they need it to finish in a month time.


EA – Visceral Games (Through PRO Unlimited) - 6/2012 – 11/2012
Senior 3D Environment Artist  – Deadspace 3
This was a 6 month contract to create entire chapter levels from art blocked zones matching three phase criteria’s, modeling, texturing, and polish. The last month and a half was spent as a tech artist fixing and polishing levels and terrains.


Microsoft Turn 10  (Through FILTER, llc) - 3/2011 – 6/2011
3D Artist 2 – Forza Motorsport 4
This was a 6 months contract that ended in 4 because the environment team completed all the work early. I was tasked to work on buildings, structures and props for Indy 500 Speedway and Infineon Raceway tracks. The last month was spent as a tech artist fixing and polishing the tracks based on photo references of the real ones.


Sony Online Entertainment - 2/2007 – 5/2010
3D Environment Artist – DC Universe Online
I was part of a small team in Seattle to help the Austin team release DCUO on time. I was responsible for taking the box layout level maps and build them to finished completion.

3D Environment Artist – The Agency
For the Agency I started as an environment artist creating buildings for level map and the moved to Lead Vehicle Artist when I pointed out the need for vehicles. After completing that task, I was moved to help out with as a second Weapon Artist.


Mad Doc Software - 6/2006 – 1/2007
3D Environment Artist – SWAT
I was part of a small Seattle satellite studio as a Lead Weapons Artist as well as needed vehicles for in game cinema segments.


WizKids Games - 9/2004 – 1/2006
3D Digital Sculptor – MechWarrior
WizKids was a table-top game company that produced product lines of collectable game figures. For the MechWarrior line, I used the NURBS modeling software Rhino3D to design and build 50mm tall figures. I was also responsible with the operation of a rapid prototyping machine for 3D print of those figures for manufacturing. Also from time to time, create high resolution rendering for marketing packages and promotion poster prints.


Atari Humongous - 9/2002 – 8/2004
Character Lead – Backyard Skateboarding
Humongous was a 2D game company and wanted to transition to 3D gaming. My first interaction with them was as an Instructor tasked to train the art department in 3D production. Then I was asked to join them to continue the training and be a part of an internal skunk works team tasked to produce an entirely 3D game. I was responsible for translating the characters of the Backyard kids from 2D to 3D and rig them for animation as a Technical Character Artist. I was also tasked to explore ways to translate some of the other well-known 2D characters to 3D.


Microsoft – IronWorks Studio (Through Art Source) - 6/2002 – 9/2002                       
Senior 3D Artist – Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
This was a 6 months contract as a Vehicle Artist. I was responsible for creating the playable aircrafts for the game


Microsoft – FASA Studio (Through Creative Services) - 7/1999 – 6/2000
3D Animator/3D Environment Artist – MechCommander 2
I was responsible for animating the motion cycles for each mech character. After completion of the motions, I was tasked to complete environment buildings and its destroyed states.


Microsoft – Flight Sim (Through Creative Services) - 11/1997 – 5/1999
Lead Modeler – Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000
I was responsible for modeling the player flyable aircraft's for the game including the signature craft the Air France Concorde.

3D Artist – Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator
I was responsible for producing the flight maneuver tutorial movies. After completion I moved over to the environment team to help build out vehicles and building structures.


Personal Projects
Indie Game Development
One of my goals is to create indie games. Currently, I am working on a couple of games in my spare time.


Mesmer Animation Lab - 11/1996 – 1/1997
Certificate of Completion

Art Institute of Seattle - 1/1988 – 3/1990
Associate of Applied Arts
Student Studio Member