Project: Hoof It!     Indie Game     Sole Artist     Platform: Android
Hoof It! was an indie game made be myself and Unity developer, Lee Wolfe. It was an ostrich racing game. I created all the character and environment tracks as well as the animation.

Project: Emerald City Comicon     Indie Game     Platform: iPhone (AR)
This was a test project I created. Using Unity and Vuforia, I wanted to see if I could create a full sized character. Emerald City Comicon allowed me to use their mascot character and allowed me to set up a booth.

Project: Spaceship Game     Indie Game     Platform: mobile
These were a series of assets for a possible spaceship game.

Project: Auto Rigging Mel Tool
This was a character to test an auto rigger I developed for Maya. It included preset emotional facial controls.

Project: Red Dragon
I crated this dragon because sometimes, you know, you want to make a dragon.