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Microsoft Good Science - Secret Prototype

Secret Prototype


Sony Online Entertianment - DC Universe Online

Wayne Tech Map - Map Lead
As map lead I took the design white box and created this map using a library of existing assets as well as create new ones as needed. Some portion of the white box were re-designed to fit the scale of the environment.

Gotham Sewers Map - Map Lead
From design white box, I was tasked to create an abandoned sewer system that is taken over by a high tech faction called Brother Eye. The level was designed to start normally until bit by bit, evidence of Brother Eye assets start to take over.
Closed Factory Map - Map Lead
This closed factory area is the beginning part of the Atlantis map. From this map, the player goes through
a portal to Atlantis.
Atlantis Map - Map Lead
The Atlantis Map was a late addition. The goal was to convey Atlantis is a ruined state.
Chinatown Police Station Map - Map Lead
This map police station was designed to be a safe house. The goal was to convey a grand Asian theme.
I re-designed some portions of it to convey a more functioning station.


Sony Online Entertainment - The Agency

Vehicles - Vehicles Lead
As a vehicle lead, I was tasked to build a set of vehicles to populate the street maps of Prague. Each car model was chosen to give a well rounded representation of the city. Also, there were vehicles needed for specific maps.



Mad Doc Software - SWAT 4 (Prototype)

Weapons - Weapons Lead


Atari Humongous - Backyard Skateboarding

Character Tech Lead - Awarded Children's Game of the Year 
As Character Tech Lead for Backyard Skateboarding, I modeled, textured and built 3 seperate body size animation rigs plus animal rigs and skinned all the characters

Character Prototypes
The following samples are some of the prototypes created to see how 2D characters transfer to 3D.












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