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EA Visceral Games - Deadspace 3

Crashed Spaceship - Prologue
This is the first zone the player comes across. The pressure was on to create something visually impactful. I took the existing art block to create this zone through three phases, modeling, texturing, and polishing. The terrain was done by another artist.

Lunar Colony Office - Chapter 1
Like the Prologue ship crash zone, I worked from an initial art block version of this space. I tried to re-use as many objects from another office zone. Key objects like the reception desk, lounge chair and couch, and copy machine were made from scratch.
HQ Courtyard - Chapter 4
This is zone I took over from another artist who had assembled the South wall and the giant pipe sections. The North wall and the Depot garage were still in art block.
Anthropology Building - Chapter 6
This is a very large concrete science facility building.
Lunar Colony Highway Maintenance Area - Chapter 1
This was a little space off to the side of the highway that the player uses to stasis the automated cars to get across.
East Exterior - Chapter 6
This zone was worked on by another artist. I was assigned to create all the snow skirting at the base of assets in contact with the snow terrain.
Sensor Pod - Chapter 2
The player's mission was to collect 3 flight recorder imbedded inside this sensor pod.


Microsoft Turn 10 - Forza 4

Infineon Raceway Track















































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